vermicious kid rid #2

ahoy hoy,
I honestly wanted to share this rid earlier but I couldn’t resist…the aroma of a freshly baked steaming new rid. Just like mom used to make. so I gave into temptation, ate it all myself, didn’t share one morsel. but lucky for you guys I just took a dizzle and as luck would have it, the rid passed smoothly with hardly any fecal occult. So, I present to you, not quite fresh from the oven, but still steaming and aromatic…vermicious kid rid #2:

Suppose Madmartigan’s fellow journeyman witnesses his village and its people being destroyed, pillaged, and plundered by Hounds. Writing peacefully under the shade of a very sad tree, Vada Sultenfuss would probably be inspired to write a poem based on his reaction.. What is the name of the tree and the name of the poem?


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