Baraka Obama is the last of a dying breed of blood thirsty politicians…

Baraka Obama’s Flawless Victory in 2008

It’s safe to say that Obama will have a generation of web 2.0 junkies in his back pocket this coming election. I’m sure he’s also locked in the gamer vote. It’ll be interesting to see whether his party affiliation will be for Outworld, Netherealm, or Earthrealm. But one things for sure– if he needs campaign contributions, I’ve got plenty of quarters. Can you guys name any other similarities between Barack Obama and Baraka? Please share.



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5 responses to “Baraka Obama is the last of a dying breed of blood thirsty politicians…

  1. arthur lewis

    I trurly love hearing Obama talk to the people it has been years and my spirit is up knowing at God can still stock the house with one of his boys; Obama is truely bless. anyone can see it the problem is that the poeple did’nt know God anymore. arthur Lewis

  2. Larissa

    You guysa are just mad that Obama might just qin this its not because of his race its because he showa that he will make progress. Mccain isn’t doing anything but talk about Obama stop making stupid commericals and start worrying about the US

  3. trowa barton

    the girl above me doesn’t understand…. if we pull out we’ll be raided by terrorists… but maybe that is a good thing to stupid people(not saying you are) but we cant id rather not bring a war on our soil it might be a “take time to pull us out plan” but what happens to all those that have to be last to be pulled? no back to support them? and what will the soldiers think? what were we fighting for? they risked there asses to be shot at and fight they watched there friends die for coming home with there tail under there ass? no obama is stupid mccain is stupid this govt is stupid but were free? there s no freedom were all expendable ask about what would have happened to us all iff we got in a nuclear war with russia then how much does your petty government care about you?

  4. njeshi botes urime edmond hamiti 0692270520 021524606 021523409 lezhe

  5. Wow I just was told we are not going to have a job within three months. We at Century Bank was bought out by Wells fargo. Who to Texarkana Garzette they are not having a layoff. But now we don’t have a job. What are we surpose to do and a little country town. I know God will make a way. But to be lied too. That’s cold.
    Thanks for your understanding scluckey in a little country town.

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