I’m just like you. I enjoy riddles as much as the next guy and/or girl. And if it’s a pop culture riddle that makes good use of bad cultural refuse about tv and/or film, celebs and/or mags, or rock and/or roll… so much the better.

My real name isn’t Vermicious Kid, it’s just a handle I picked up on the schoolyard when biker shorts and two-way radios were all the rage. “Breaker breaker, the eagle has landed,” is what they’d say. And I’d respond, “copy that, vermicious kid extracting unicorn blood. you must solve this riddle before i grant you the password…” And they’d have to solve the riddle.

These days I’m currently a 911 operator, and I do pretty much the same shtick. Callers have to solve a series of riddles before I dispatch authorities to their location. You’d be surprised at how much a person knows about celebs and how fast they’ll answer when they’ve just been robbed…no, shame on me for even writing of such heartless acts. I’m not really a 911 operator, nor am I a heartless bastard. I’m just a vermicious kid. just enjoy cultural riddles and musings with me.

If you have any questions or comments, or pop culture riddles you’d like to recommend, please feel free to email me at vermiciouskid @ gmail.com. I look forward to hearing your takes on pointless riddles and I’ll try to make eye contact.