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Vermicous Kid is Taking Vitamins

Hi Vermicious Kids,
Sorry about the long absence. As a wise woman once said in Concini and Germi’s Divorce Italian Style “that which makes the wine taste so divine is not the grapes but rather the long, slow process of aging and the fact that one has waited and longed for it…” So you see, desire grows with time…and uh, ’tis true that it hold truer today…then it did yesterday. I’m just Hartnetting you, just Hartnetting you.

Truth is, I’ve been recovering from the annual bout with depression that the new year brings with it. Just when I thought I recovered this week, I read this. So I’ve been stockpiling my vitamins and dinner rolls. I’ll try to stockpile more Kid Rids as well. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together.


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