Don’t Lose Your Head This Christmas

Remember, Christmas is a special time to spend with your loved ones and to capture all those Headless Moments on film.


[pic] I took this one at a local thrift store. This ill-fated snowglobe was sitting on a shelf right above the extensive Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass record collection.


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Baraka Obama is the last of a dying breed of blood thirsty politicians…

Baraka Obama’s Flawless Victory in 2008

It’s safe to say that Obama will have a generation of web 2.0 junkies in his back pocket this coming election. I’m sure he’s also locked in the gamer vote. It’ll be interesting to see whether his party affiliation will be for Outworld, Netherealm, or Earthrealm. But one things for sure– if he needs campaign contributions, I’ve got plenty of quarters. Can you guys name any other similarities between Barack Obama and Baraka? Please share.


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I don’t want you to see me yet.

I’m burrowing around the net, just looking for a new home for my musings. I want the look, I want the look, the look of love, so I’m in the process of revamping the site so it’s as pretty as a button… (a shiny, glassy web 2.0 button). So stay tuned for more rids as I prepare for the move.

I realized I neglected to answer Vermicious Kid Rid #2. For those of you keeping track, it’s been 2 months since my last confession. That surely is a sin. I’m sorry to have waited so long to post, but it’s the start of a new year… sue me. It just took me a while longer to awake from my winter slumber. Without further adieu, the name of the tree and poem is “Weeping Willow.”

I hope you guys enjoyed it and stay posted for more!

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Vermicous Kid is Taking Vitamins

Hi Vermicious Kids,
Sorry about the long absence. As a wise woman once said in Concini and Germi’s Divorce Italian Style “that which makes the wine taste so divine is not the grapes but rather the long, slow process of aging and the fact that one has waited and longed for it…” So you see, desire grows with time…and uh, ’tis true that it hold truer today…then it did yesterday. I’m just Hartnetting you, just Hartnetting you.

Truth is, I’ve been recovering from the annual bout with depression that the new year brings with it. Just when I thought I recovered this week, I read this. So I’ve been stockpiling my vitamins and dinner rolls. I’ll try to stockpile more Kid Rids as well. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together.

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vermicious kid rid #2

ahoy hoy,
I honestly wanted to share this rid earlier but I couldn’t resist…the aroma of a freshly baked steaming new rid. Just like mom used to make. so I gave into temptation, ate it all myself, didn’t share one morsel. but lucky for you guys I just took a dizzle and as luck would have it, the rid passed smoothly with hardly any fecal occult. So, I present to you, not quite fresh from the oven, but still steaming and aromatic…vermicious kid rid #2:

Suppose Madmartigan’s fellow journeyman witnesses his village and its people being destroyed, pillaged, and plundered by Hounds. Writing peacefully under the shade of a very sad tree, Vada Sultenfuss would probably be inspired to write a poem based on his reaction.. What is the name of the tree and the name of the poem?

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vermicious kid rid #1 answer

Hello everyone,
i applaud those of you who figured out the answer(s) to vermicious kid’s inaugural riddle. I received so many comments and answers to this first riddle that I didn’t approve of any to post because I was so overwhelmed. Actually, by “I received so many comments…” I mean I didn’t receive any…or did I? I didn’t not not receive any…earregardless here’s the solution in so many parts:

body of water: Billy Ocean
single: “Caribbean Queen”
initials: C.Q.
directorial debut and director: CQ and Roman Coppola
famed director: Francis Ford Coppola
famed film about family: The Godfather(s)

whew…that was fun. I’ll try to post the “rids” as frequently as I can. And I hope you guys return and frequent the site as much as you can.

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How do I look…

Sit tight, Vermicious Kids. I’ve been researching new wordpress themes and widgets to try out on the site so don’t fret about the answer to Vermicious Kid Rid #1. I’d like a more fitting aesthetic to the site, so I may change things on the fly.

Since there are no comments, I’ll hold off on posting the answer and Vermicious Kid Rid #2. So feel free to get those brains a churnin’. I hope I didn’t make the riddle too hard or random. I think anyone can get it with a little googling/research. I’m hoping that image I whipped up with my amateur photoshop skills serves a sufficient clue. Also, email me if you have any pop culture riddles or thinking puzzles. I’m always open to suggestions.

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